Temporary workaround for Vista 64-bit and Windows 7

Why won’t the USB Link driver load?

Microsoft requires all drivers to be digitally signed and approved before they can be loaded into Windows Vista or Windows 7. There is a process that Color Savvy is currently persuing. The drivers themselves work fine, but they have to go through Microsoft’s process before they can be loaded without this workaround.

As soon as the USB Link drivers are approved, we will make them available on our Download Center web page. In the meantime, you can use the current drivers but you must first disable driver signature enforcement when you boot your computer.

You only have to install the drivers once, but you will have to reboot and disable digital signature enforcement every time you want to use the Color-Helper USB Link

How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

When you start your computer, press the F8 key before the Windows Logo appears. This will bring up the Advance Boot Options menu.

Image of Advance Boot Options menu with Disable Driver Signature Enforcement hilighted

Choose the option “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” then press “Enter” to boot into Windows. You can now follow the install instructions and use the Color-Helper USB Link.

If you re-boot your computer normally, the driver will not load and you will not be able to use your Color-Helper USB Link until you re-boot and disable driver signature enforcement.

As always, feel free to contact Color Savvy with any questions or problems you might have.