Color-Helper Software Download Center

PC-Link Driver and Tools

Color-Helper_Tools_Installer.exe - .exe file - 1,191KB
Color-Helper Tools Installer.pdf - .pdf file - 855KB
This is the installer and documentation for version 1.0.2 of the Color-Helper Tools.
NOTE: Run the installer before you connect the USB Link to your computer.

Vista and Windows 7 users click here for important information

HueView documentation - .pdf file - 161KB
This document describes the HuvView application (installed with the Color-Helper tools.)
HueView allows you to see the colors recommended by the Color-Helper on your computer screen.

Palette Builder documentation - .pdf file - 188KB
This document describes the PaletteBuilder application (installed with the Color-Helper tools.)
PaletteBuilder allows you to customize the databases availabe in your Color-Helper. There are many more databases to choose from and since the application downloads those databases from the internet, more will become available.

Updated version of Palette Builder

Palette_Builder_1.0.0.5.exe - .exe file - 520KB
This is an updated version of the Palette Builder software. Download to your PC and run if you are having trouble with Palette Builder.

Firmware and database update/restore

CH_EN_v089b_20141027-SuperPalette_Updater.exe - .exe file - 1,761KB
This updater will return your Color-Helper to the factory installed configuration.

Color-Helper Documentation

Instructions_0108.pdf - .pdf file - 376KB
The instruction booklet that comes with the color-Helper.

CH_Functions.pdf - .pdf file - 428KB
A booklet that explains the main functions of the Color-Helper.

Ambiance_technology.pdf - .pdf file - 448KB
A booklet that explains the Ambiance harmony system used in the Color-Helper.

CH_Flyer_0709.pdf - .pdf file - 292KB
A sales flyer with specifications for the Color-Helper.