Color-Helper success stories

“I used the ColorHelper to find complementary colors in the "warm" spectrum and we ended up with Olympic Paint in Mimosa (A21-2). Which we love.”
Mary T.,
West Seattle, WA
“I use my Color-Helper every day”
Tim, Anchorage True Value
Anchorage, AK
“The Color-Helper has an amazing number of features for the price”
Tom, RC Walter & Sons True Value
Boston, PA
“The Color-Helper sold 14 gallons of paint for us in less than an hour after we got it”
Jeff, The Paint Shoppes
Attleboro, MA
“It sure saves us a lot of time”
Jo Ann, Elkhart True Value Lumber
Elkhart, KS
“Often it's faster and easier to use than our spectro, and sometimes gives a better answer”
Darrel, Morrison True Value
Alpine, TX