Huge Color Library — the SuperPalette™

The Color-Helper contains over 22,000 paint colors from more than 40 of the leading paint companies. This approach creates a common color “language” and:

  • provides lots of colors
  • is familiar and understandable
  • makes it easy to get samples

Have a favorite paint brand? The Color-Helper allows you to choose whether to use the entire library or your favorite individual brand. Usually you don't have to limit the library, because most stores can make any color the Color-Helper suggests — even if it’s from a competitor

The Color-Helper accessory kit (sold separately) allows you to update and customize your color library using your PC and the internet.

Click here for a list of all available palettes.

You can easily customize the superpalette in your Color-Helper with the Color-Helper PC-Link Kit. Using your PC and the internet, new palettes can be downloaded and installed to create a color library tailored to your exact preferences.

The PC-Link kit will also enable you to update your Color-Helper. If any of the listed paint companies make a change or an update to their colors, the revised palette will be made available on the web and available to all Color-Helper owners free of charge.

Code Manufacturer/Brand
BM Benjamin Moore
Bermuda PaintBoero
Columbia PaintDamar Industries
Farrell-CalhounHirshfield's Paints
Miller PaintO'Leary Paint
Rose Talbert Paint
DU Dulux/Glidden
OL Olympic
PT Pittsburgh/Porter
PV PPG Voice of Color
PL Pratt & Lambert, Williamsburg
RL Ralph Lauren
Anchor PaintMc Cormick
Asian PaintsCloverdale Paint
Catalina PaintPassonno
Diamond VogelProgress
Hallman LindsayRodda
VistaKelley Technical
Yenkin-MajesticM A Bruder
TOA Paint Company 
SW Sherwin Williams
SE Sherwin Williams Extras
VL Valspar - Lowes
Click here for list with collection names